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What is Cycladic Arts?

Cycladic Arts is an artist run, non-profit organisation which aims to facilitate artistic creation in a newly renovated traditional Cycladic space in Alyki, a picturesque fishermen's village in the southwest of Paros, an island in the Aegean Sea, Greece. Cycladic Arts mission is to support the dialogue and exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills between people from diverse geographic and ethnic backgrounds, ages, and forms of art and culture. Cycladic Arts encourages international projects and collaborations in Greece and abroad.

Who is eligible to apply?

Emerging and established artists, and other creative minds from all over the world are invited to apply for the Cycladic Arts Residency. Curators, writers, poets, translators, scientists wishing to find a place for retreat or to focus on their projects are also encouraged to apply.

Is there a deadline for the application?

There is no deadline for the application. It is year-round, rotating on a month basis.

How should I prepare my application?
Please read all of the application directions carefully and use the form here to submit your materials. Be aware that submissions that don’t adhere to the guidelines and contain identifying information are excluded from consideration.

Visual artists: Only six images are reviewed in sequence by the final jury, so put your six strongest images in your application portfolio.  

Video artists: Our jurors will review up to three minutes of video work. You may submit a single three minute video or up to five (5) separate clips that total three minutes. 
Writers/Poets: Our jurors are not required to read beyond the specified page limit. Previously published work must be submitted in pdf form.

Scientists wishing to find a place for retreat or to focus on their projects should send an email to the Program Coordinator at explaining their profession and their needs.

Is there a Cycladic Arts Fellowship?  

We hope to offer an annual Fellowship to one artist to live and work for free in the Cycladic Arts complex with paid transportation to and from Paros. A Cycladic Arts Fellowship Open Call will be announced as soon as the budget is in place.
Please visit our NEWS section and social media on instagram and on facebook often for updates.

Can couples and collectives/collaborations apply?
A partner is welcome to come to Cycladic Arts with the accepted applicant for an additional fee. Please see the cost related question below or at the Apply Section of the website. (Please note that the bed is size full/double). If the partner is an artist and wants to participate in the residency, they should also apply. Cost will depend on the use of the space (if they share the same or they need separate living/working space).

Collaborative artists can also apply for up to three artists. They should submit one proposal and if accepted, every artist will have to pay for their residency.

In the case of Artist Collectives, they should contact the Program Coordinator directly at and if accepted, they can send three artists as representatives to work on their proposed projects. Each artist should pay for their residency.

If I am not accepted should I apply again?
Yes! Due to the size of the residency, we cannot accommodate all of the qualified applicants. We would encourage you to re-apply.

If I have already been in Cycladic Arts Space, can I apply again?

Artists, curators, scientists, writers and other creative minds who have had previous residencies at Cycladic Arts, do not have to submit a complete application, but only a new proposed project sent to

What is the cost of the Cycladic Arts Residency?

Residency costs will depend on the space used and the month of the residency. Duration of the residency period will be 25 days for each month. Extension of stays are possible after discussion with the coordinator.

Fees according to season:

Low Season (March-April):
€ 800 (small size space for one person)
€ 1200 (larger size spaces) plus € 200 for a companion.

Middle Season (May-June-October-November):
€ 1100 (small size space for one person)
€ 1400 (larger size spaces) plus € 400 for a companion.

High Season (July-August-September):
€ 1400 (small size space for one person)
€ 1900 (larger size spaces) plus € 600 for a companion.

Refundable Damage Deposit: € 100 (to be refunded if there is no damage).
Non Refundable Deposit: € 300 is required once the applicant receives the letter of acceptance. Balance is due no later than one month before the residency begins.

What is included in the fees for the Cycladic Arts Residency?

The residency costs are intended to cover the general cost of the running of the program and the maintenance of the Cycladic Arts complex. Accepted applicants are expected to cover their own personal expenses, meals, working materials and the transportation costs to and from Paros.

Please, note that you will be living on an island. That means that access to many products may be limited or more expensive than what you expect.

The cost of the residency includes:

• Accommodation and studio space
• Use of the Cycladic Arts facilities which include: common use kitchen, common use laundry area, lounge sitting areas in the gardens and outdoor terraces
• Electricity, water, Wi-Fi access
• Linen and towels
• Exhibition opportunities in the Cycladic Arts Gallery space
• Free entrance at The Archaeological Museum of Paros in Paroikia
• Free entrance at The Cycladic Folklore Museum of Benetos and Kalliopi Skiada in Alyki
• Free entrance at The Sculpture Museum Nikos Perantinos in Marpissa
• Discounts at local restaurants and tavernas
• Discounts for fishing excursions with Regina Fishing Trips in Alyki
• Discount at the Cycladic Diving Center in Alyki
• Discount at a hike of your preference with Paros Hikes
• Discount at Paros Olive Oil Tasting
• Transportation to and from the arrival/departure point of the island (Paros Port or Paros Airport)

* some of the above may not be possible because of the season
How accessible is the Cycladic Arts Space complex?  

We welcome applicants with disabilities. During the application process, please let us know of any special accommodations needed. We meet some accessibility needs. Please contact us to discuss if our facility can accommodate you and your needs.

What is the size of studio spaces?

Live - Work Studio (including its own terrace of 13,60m2): total app. 34,96m2
Living Space (medium): 23,47m2
Living Space (small, for one person): 10,78m2
Shared Working Studio: 22,18m2

What is the size of the Cycladic Arts Gallery space?

Gallery Space is 50,71 m2

Are any kitchen facilities available for resident use?   

Cycladic Arts common-use kitchen contains a medium size refrigerator, a traditional wood-oven, an electric stove, dishware, cutlery, and cooking equipment.

What should I do about health insurance and what is the Program's responsibility on that matter?

We strongly recommend that you take the necessary steps to adequately cover yourself against illness, accidents, etc, before leaving your home country. Cycladic Arts will not be responsible, at any time or under any circumstances, for medical fees in case of illness, accident, etc. Please be prepared and covered with medical insurance from your home country.
What do I need to bring with me?
We provide living and working space. Groceries, beer/wine, and other services and amenities are available within walking distance of Cycladic Arts Space. Laundry facilities are on site. Most of art supplies can be found in a 20 min drive from Alyki. The coordinator can help you figure out the logistics. If you need special equipment or materials we advice you to bring them with you.

Accepted applicants are expected to cover their own personal expenses, meals, working materials and the transportation costs to and from Paros.

Will I have cell phone service?
We have widespread coverage in our area but for international services it will depend on your international cell plan.

Is wifi available in studios and in housing?
All studios (live and work studios) have wifi.

*How do I receive mail and packages at Cycladic Arts Space? 

By ELTA, ACS courier, SPEEDEX, and several other commercial delivery services: 

Your Name 

c/o Cycladic Arts Space (Dimitra Skandali)
Alyki, Paros
Cyclades 84400
What is the weather like in Paros? 

Paros has a mild climate all year round. Summers are warm and can be humid and windy (especially August) with average high temperatures from 25°C/77°F to 35°C/95°F, sometimes 40°C/104°F. Spring and fall average temperatures range between 10°C/50°F and 25°C/77°F. Winters are generally mild, windy, with few rains and temperatures averaging from 5°C/41°F to 15°C/59°F-18°C/65°F.

Clothing suggestions:

Spring and fall (including December) gear: windbreaker, pants and shorts, jeans, long and short sleeved shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts, an umbrella, swimming suit. The weather can be changeable. Bring layers.
Summer gear to bring: shorts, linen, light weight cotton, walking sandals, sun dresses, swimming suit, sunscreen, hiking clothes, hats, and a light jacket for the evenings.

Early/Late winter (December and March) gear to bring: winter jacket, boots, warm socks, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, pullovers, gloves, an umbrella. The weather can be changeable. Bring layers.

And it never hurts to pack some hiking shoes or light weight sneakers. 

How do I get to Cycladic Arts Space?
The coordinator will welcome you at either airport or the port of the island.
The closest international airport is in Athens and from Athens you take a flight (a 35 min flight) or the ferry (about 4 hours trip) to Paros.

Something came up—can I reschedule my residency?
We understand that jobs and other life circumstances may unexpectedly affect your availability after you’ve scheduled your residency.

If you wish to reschedule your residency after you have made your deposit:

• At least 60 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival: 
We will be happy to work with you to find new dates subject to scheduling availability. Your deposit and any additional fees paid will be applied to your new residency schedule. 

• Fewer than 60 days prior to your scheduled date of arrival: 
We may not be able to accommodate your reschedule request; in that case, your residency will be cancelled, and you will forfeit your deposit. Any additional payments will be refunded according to the schedule.
If a grave illness or other serious family emergency comes up at the last minute, we will do our best to work with you to reschedule your residency dependent upon scheduling availability. Please note that documentation of illness/emergency may be required. 

What if I have to cancel my residency?
To reserve your space in our program, selected applicants must submit a 300 euros non-refundable deposit. If you wish to cancel your residency, this deposit will not be refunded.  

If you have paid additional residency fees, they will be refunded according to the following schedule:
• 45+ days before residency start date: 100% of residency fees (minus 300 euros deposit) will be refunded
• 44 to 15 days before residency start date: 50% of residency fees (minus 300 euros deposit) will be refunded
• 14 days or fewer before residency start date: 0% of residency fees will be refunded

Can I make international calls from Cycladic Arts Space? 

We do not provide international phone service at Cycladic Arts Space. If you are coming from outside Greece, you will probably not have cell phone service unless you have an international phone plan. You can always use Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Viber and other applications on your phones or computers using Wi-Fi.