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March 23 and 24, 2024 at 19:00

Short documentaries from interviewed local people to talk about their lives from the group Ai Mnimai (Konstantinos Nikas, Konstantinos Mavris and Nikos Skandalis)

Traditional Flour Mill story from Yorgos Skandalis, 5:33'
Dimitra Skandali: Recollections, 8:06'
Our Mailman, 21:31'
Parian Quarry Workers, 40:00'
Free Entrance - with English subtitles

What is Ai Mnimai:
Project Mnimai (Memories) is an attempt of creating a virtual record, with the use of audiovisual means, of an era that tends to go extinct. An era of people that lived a different sort of life and used to practice several types of occupations that aren't practiced anymore.

Founders/Members: Konstantinos Nikas, Konstantinos Mavris, Nikos Skandalis