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[is]land of dreams
[is]land of dreams
July 2022

[is]land of dreams, curated by Dr Kostas Prapoglou.

Participating artists: Giorgos Kontis (GR/Berlin), Sandra Osborne (USA), Sandra Ramos Lorenzo (Cuba/USA), Dimitris Rentoumis (GR), and Dimitra Tzivelou (GR)

Opening reception: Saturday, July 23, 2022.
Duration of the exhibition: July 23 - August 28, 2022.
Open: Tuesday through Sunday, 7:30-11pm.

[is]land of dreams
Curated by Dr Kostas Prapoglou

The Cycladic Arts Residency proudly presents its debut exhibition at its magnificent brand-new renovated space located at the village of Alyki, in the southwestern corner of Paros island, Greece.
For this show, five international artists respond with new and recent works to ideas around the importance of home, belonging and identity, simultaneously taking into consideration how all these collide with our perception of locality and the understanding of our own self. The employment of a different medium by each artist, transmits a polyvocality of vision and the diverse survey of esotericism and imagination.

Giorgos Kontis (Greece/Berlin), Sandra Osborne (USA), Sandra Ramos (Cuba/USA), Dimitris Rentoumis (Greece) and Dimitra Tzivelou (Greece) become storytellers of their own dream; a dream that is interpreted through the filter of personal experiences, socio-cultural influences and inspirations.

How is a dream formed? To what extent does our unconscious feed our present self? These are questions that are explored and perhaps partially answered by each participating artist, taking into account their unique personal references and the particular emotional condition they find themselves at the time of creation. This has always been a personal and prolonged esoteric journey that orientates or disorientates us throughout our life.

Capturing the ephemeral quality of memory, all works urge us to investigate and scrutinise our self-reflections. They spark a dialogue about the meaning of our existence and the ways we trace our past and understand our present.

Characterised by an occult minimalism, all works emerge as imprints of thoughts. They have a close relation to the surroundings we all are accustomed to, but they simultaneously construct an amalgamation of undefined feelings; they channel a putative notion of the unknown. The works embrace a process of abstract documentation and an attempt to archive chaos and harmony, encouraging us to explain who we are and what our purpose is.

On an ancient land where the earth perpetually gazes at the bright sun light and shares its endless myths, we find plenty of dreams. They all speak about our origins, our fears, our guilty pleasures and our future. Such dreams are here to help us re-calibrate our spirit towards the actuality of life, its manifestations and its beautiful endless possibilities.